About us

Great Getaway Holidays Ltd

Great Getaway Holidays is a private owned company established on 4th January 2018 in Nairobi, Kenya – Certificate of Incorporation No. PVT-GYUJPP6. Great Getaway Holidays prime purpose is Great Amazing, Awesome, Memorable Holidays and Travels.

Great Getaway Holidays is based in Karen, Nairobi, and specializes

  • Hotel bookings/reservations, (local and international).
  • Ticketing
  • Local tours (Kenya, East Africa).
  • Business trips
  • Corporate conference reservations (including accommodation)
  • Family holidays, including Dubai, Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Borabora French Polynesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zanzibar e. t. c
  • Airport transfers (Over 670 destinations Worldwide)

We believe in Professional customer oriented consultation providing hassle free travel. Email capabilities for convenience and prompt booking and information. Creative but persistent approach to search for the most appropriate travel arrangements and identifying the best possible value. Our travel consultants are friendly, professional, and experienced in accommodating both the seasoned traveler and those new to the world of travel.
Great Getaway Holidays Ltd is now partnering with great hotels and Partners to offer you the best getaway holiday, Tour, Busines trip and Corporate COnferencing.

Some of our partner hotels are Sarova Hotels, Heritage Hotels, Serena Hotels, The Safari Collection, Elewana Collection, Sun Africa Hotels, Pinewood Beach Resort & Spa, Amani Tiwi Beach Resort, Southern Palms Beach Resort, Bamburi Beach Hotel, Sun Africa Hotels, PlanHotels, PrideInn Hotels & Conferencing, The Reef Hotel Mombasa, The Sands at Nomad & Chale Island, Swahili Beach Resort, Kibo Safari Camp, Ol Tukai Lodge, The Zanzibar Collection e.t.c

Being independent, we have the flexibility to work with a multitude of tour operators to offer the widest range of holiday & tours
Tell us about the adventure you dream of – we’ll tailor one that fulfills your fondest hopes. We will work with you to find the right trip at the right time, then make sure you have all the right information – right up to the day of your departure!